Real Deal Rewards

S&G Stores, LLC (“S&G”) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information under its control.  This online privacy policy covers how S&G treats personal information that S&G collects and receives from customers through its web site at and in apps and services under S&G’s control. By using the S&G website, mobile app or any S&G services you consent to our online privacy policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our site, mobile app or any S&G service.

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Information We Collect
Personal Information

The types of information we collect that identify you or relate to you as an individual (“Personal Information“) may include things such as the following:

  • Name, Date of Birth, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, username and password (for account administration), SMS contact preference, email contact preference, when you supply this information voluntarily

  • Device ID, including IP address, which are automatically collected and, while they don’t identify you as an individual, do identify a particular computer

  • Sales and transaction information generated from using the loyalty rewards program

  • Additional Personal Information you may submit as necessary for the administration of particular promotional events, such as sweepstakes or contests

Non-Personal Information

Other types of data will also be collected periodically, such as:

  • Type of browser and operating system, mobile application usage data, and aggregated information such as “click stream” information which means entry and exit points (including referring URLs or domains), traffic statistics, page views, and impressions, all of which are collected automatically

  • Demographic information you choose to submit and which we may combine on an anonymous basis with similar information from other users

  • Device Information – Device type, OS and identifier

  • Location Data - If you are using a mobile application and you consent to this function includes location specific personalization, mobile app notifications and mobile app messaging


We may collect this information directly from your browser interacting with our website. We may also collect it through cookies and similar technologies, which typically work by placing a small file (like a text file or graphic) on your browser, and the file is used to identify your device and to collect information. When you revisit our website, we may recognize you by the cookie and customize your experience accordingly. Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically. You can deactivate the storing of cookies or adjust your browser to inform you before the cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device.

Loyalty Rewards Program Rules, Terms, and Conditions

The Real Deal Rewards program (the“Program”) sponsored by S&G Management LLC.(“S&G”) is designed to help you get the most out of your loyalty to S&G. We reward you for doing the things you already do: shop at our S&G, In&Out, Stop and Shop, and Barney's stores, refer friends to S&G, and purchase fuel from our locations.  You can use the points you earn to discount purchased qualifying items or redeem additional fuel promotions.
The following terms and conditions(these“Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions”) contain important information regarding the Program. Please read the following Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions carefully. These Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions are incorporated into the Site Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of the Site Terms and Conditions includes acceptance of these Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions. These Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and S&G and will govern your participation in any and all Program offers.
Participating in the Program entitles members(“Members”) to take advantage of certain Program rewards(“Rewards”) that may change from time to time and, which may be made available for limited times, all as determined by S&G in its sole discretion. S&G reserves the right to modify these Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice to you, so it is important to check the Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions periodically. Participation in the Program or redemption of Rewards is considered acceptance of these Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions and any modified terms included therein.

Program Registration

The loyalty rewards program is open to anyone, 18 years of age or older.  Activation of a Real Deal Rewards card is required to begin accumulating points for qualifying purchases if the customer has not yet registered with the loyalty program.  Customers can register online through a link on the S&G company website,, or through the S&G Real Deal Rewards App found on Google Play and the iTunes Store.

Point(s) Accumulation and Redemption

Points are accumulated in the Rewards program through purchases at S&G store locations.  Points are not rewarded for the following items, types of purchases, and similar services: tobacco products, alcohol products, money orders, check cashing, lottery tickets and games.

On qualifying purchases, points accumulate at the following rates: 10 points for every gallon of gas purchased, 20 points for every dollar spent in one of our stores.  For fuel purchases, points accumulate for gallons purchased only and are processed by our rewards provider at the end of the transaction.

Points can be redeemed for rewards through the following methods: exchange points for dollars off qualifying purchases or exchange points for additional fuel discounts through the loyalty website or the Real Deal Reward app.  Exchanged points are deducted for the registered member's points wallet and are non-refundable.

Points exchanged for dollars off qualifying purchases can be redeemed by both non-registered, activated cardholders and registered members.  Points for dollars off purchases are redeemed at the following rate: 1000 points can be exchanged for one dollar of item value.  Point redemptions round up to the nearest one thousand points for every $0.01 to $0.99 of non-discounted purchased items or the available points balance if points wallet balance is less than the next nearest one thousand points. 

Points can be exchanged for additional fuel discounts, only for registered members, at the rate of one thousand points for an additional $0.05 off per gallon purchased.  These extra discounts are added to the current registered reward member discount of $0.04 off per gallon of fuel purchased.  Points can be exchanged for fuel discounts through the loyalty program website or through the loyalty program app.

Fuel Rewards

Registered loyalty rewards members receive a $0.04 discount for every gallon of fuel purchased, up to fifty gallons per transaction.  Loyalty account information must be entered or submitted prior to payment for the discount to apply.

Points exchanged for additional fuel discounts through the rewards website or phone app are applied at the next fuel purchase.  These rewards are in addition to the everyday discount, thus with the combined discounts, members can save between $0.09 and $0.54 per gallon of fuel based on the previous amount of points exchanged.  Once the additional fuel discount coupon has been redeemed, it is removed from the account and cannot be used again.  These additional discount coupons are single use only.  The same discount can be purchased again using additional points.  These fuel discount coupons expire 30 days from day the points are exchanged for the discount coupon.

Communication, SMS and Email

S&G communicates promotions and customer services to our customers by phone, SMS (text messaging), and email.  Promotions are communicated through SMS and email when our members opt-in to these services during registration.  SMS message and email message communication can be toggled between opting out or in during the registration process or through the loyalty rewards log in portal.  Data rates may apply for SMS messaging.  To opt in or out of these messaging platforms, log in using your registered credentials and make the changes to your account or contact S&G's customer service.

Sign up online at to receive S&G  promotional-marketing. Message and data rates may apply. Msg freq varies. Text HELP for help or STOP to cancel.

10 Digit SMS Long Code:14192589497

SMS Program Name: S&G Rewards

Message and data rates may apply.  Message frequency may vary.  Reply STOP to cancel.

Tobacco Promotions

Discounts on tobacco products may be available for rewards members.  Tobacco discounts are determined by state law and the product's manufacturer.  Visit a S&G owned store for details.


Loyalty program clubs accumulate rewards at the rate of six product purchases of one type yield a free product of the same type or size, such as six coffee purchases will create a coupon for a free coffee redeemable for the next transaction.  The customer has the option not to redeem the coupon.  The free product coupons expire 30 days from issuance.

Real Deal Rewards App

The loyalty rewards program has an associated tablet and smartphone app called S&G Real Deal Rewards.  The app may be used for tracking our customer to alert our customers to specific promotions based on the customer's current geographical location.  To enable or disable PUSH notifications, choose during the app installation process or access the app's settings and make the necessary changes.  PUSH notifications are determined by the phone and cannot be changed by S&G.  To enable of disable receiving geofencing promotions, which is used for geographic based promotions, go into the app's settings and change the location permissions either to "Allow all the time" (on) or "Don't allow" (off).  Geofencing messages may be sent by PUSH notifications or SMS messages.  Any other setting may or may not result in receiving a geofencing notification by PUSH or SMS.