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More Info / FAQ

Product Return

For questions about returns or problems with a specific item, please contact the store in which you purchased it. Other Stop & Go locations and/or the corporate office will not accept returns or exchanges on items bought at other stores. All returns and exchanges are made at the discretion of management.

USF Cards

For more information on the USF Card, visit


To activate your card, check your balance or see your statement, visit

For all other questions (including signup for Early Access) please call the number on the back of your USF Card.

Bill Payment

Some payments can take up to 24 hours to post on your account. Please wait until after this time to contact the store at which you payed your bill.


If you have waited at least one business day and your payment still has not been posted, please contact the store where you payed the bill. A list of contact information for each store is available here.


S&G is not responsible for any late fees incurred on customer accounts. A valid receipt is required for any refunds, exchanges or similar disputes regarding bill payment services. All bill payment disputes will be handled at the discretion of management.

Real Deal Rewards

Click here for details.

More Info/FAQ

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